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Why so Many Love
The Financial Fairy Tales

"An important addition to any child's library for it teaches about possibilities for him or her to live their dreams and how to do it. Right within the pages of this beautifully illustrated book any child will be inspired and motivated to share his or her talents and prosper."

Dr Terry Cole-Whittaker

Best selling author

"The Financial Fairy Tales are a marvellous introduction to ideas around business and money. Helping children find their true purpose and passion in life."

Janet Bray Attwood

NY Times bestselling author The Passion Test

"There have been all sorts of suggestions about what kind of financial education should be introduced. One of the most engaging - and unique - ones I've come across is a simple book, Dreams can Come True."

Sarah Ebner

The Times

"The Financial Fairy Tales series of stories have a wonderfully magical way of presenting children an opportunity to explore the make believe world of fairy tales while gently weaving in real life-long lessons of making personally responsible financial decisions. The stories will be an integral part of my financial literacy lessons."

Martha Staten

Elementary Educator
Tucson, Arizona

"The Financial Fairy Tales are a fun and informative way to deliver positive messages to even the youngest of children. They have become a valuable resource for teaching important lessons about monetary value."

Rebecca Jones

Nursery Manager Bournemouth, UK

"It’s never too early to start learning about money, business and enterprise. The Financial Fairy Tales make a great introduction to the values and principles needed to create a successful life."

Brian Tracy

Best selling author, business and personal development leader