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About Pathway Foundation

Financial literacy is a core skill needed to participate fully in modern life. With access to so many types of bank accounts, credit cards, loans, hire purchase financing and much more available at the click of a button understanding financial principles is absolutely crucial to helping children and young adults make smart financial decisions that set them up for success in adulthood.

Financial education is and should be a long-term process. Building it into study and play from an early age allows children to acquire the knowledge and skills to build responsible financial behaviour throughout each stage of their development.

As we know mastering any skill takes practice, training and understanding. By providing children and young adults with this from an early age we can become part of the conversation and rather than allowing their minds and beliefs to be created by marketing agencies we can be sure they are receiving advice based on sound financial guidelines and principles.

Pathway foundation is the brainchild of Bob Bhania created to bridge the gap for parents, teachers and trainers between traditional numerical skills and the lifelong financial tools needed for success.

Our range of books and training materials are highly visual and designed using stories and games to illustrate everyday scenarios.

We recommend using them to start discussions on budgeting, saving and success habits.