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Auto-B-Good: Sticking to It - A Lesson in Trustworthiness

Professor needs someone to fetch more of his Super Delicious Cotton Candy for the Vehicleville carnival. Hotshot Johnny and modest Derek both promise to deliver, but can they resist the temptation to have a nibble of candy on the trek back? The cars realize how important it is to be trustworthy, and how easily that quality is lost.

Auto-B-Good: Queen for a Day - A Lesson in Fairness

Cali and Izzi agree to help Professor in his new fairness experiment. Cali wants to be queen, and Izzi is made her servant. When the roles are reversed, Cali realizes that she should have treated Izzi with more fairness – now she is the one in the position to be treated unfairly.

Auto-B-Good: Citizen Miles - A Lesson in Citizenship

When it falls upon the gang to take over volunteer duties for their friend Miles, they don't understand why they should volunteer in the first place. As they work in the community they see how much fun it can be and want to continue volunteering after Miles returns. They realize Miles is a great example of what it means to be a good citizen.